City of Ponce

City of Ponce

Historic Ponce

Ponce is for all that come to visit. Ponce is Ours...

These are the words that welcome you to the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second largest city. With roots that date back to the late 17th century, Ponce was recognized as a hamlet by King of Spain Carlos II in 1692, and eventually declared a village by Queen Isabella II in 1877. Ponce is considered to be amongst the most developed municipalities in Puerto Rico. Its manufacturing sectors include electronics, communications equipment, food processing, pharmaceutical drugs, concrete plants, and scientific instruments. In the agricultural sector, the two most important products are gourmet coffee and rum, been one of the main global exporters of these internationally coveted products. A mix of public and private services, as well as finance, retail sales, and construction round up Ponce's economic rhythm. Ponce has been able to attain major investments in its infrastructure, thanks in part to its adoption of the Autonomous Law of 1991. The new autonomy attain by the city has led to an explosion of development in several areas, including social interest, tourism, and industrial development.


Ponce is also well know for been a cultural mecca in the Caribbean. It is said that in order to know the real Puerto Rico,  then Ponce should be an integral part of your island travels. Ponce’s architecture, art, music, and cultural contributions to the overall island experience is an absolute must for any art & design lover. From the most renowned Art Museum in the Caribbean, to a Baroque-inspired architecturally-rich historic zone, to multiple music, history and cultural venues throughout the city, Ponce is a delight for the well travelled visitor.


2010 and beyond, Ponce’s new boost...

Ponce is experiencing a major boost in new construction and development, all fueled by high expectations behind the only transshipment port with Post-Panamax capacity in the eastern United States coast, and a major value add manufacturing industrial project been planned around it. Based on this, many private corporations are currently planning and/or already developing new expansion projects in and around the city. Some of these projects include new major brand factory outlet shopping malls, new business oriented hotels, new hospitals, transportation and freight services companies, among others. Ponce offers huge potential and exceptional value for any business with international ambitions. The city’s ambitious plans already underway are meant to make it the top Caribbean's location for business, international trade, international markets access, quality staff, transport links, availability of office space and languages spoken. Think Ponce, the official foreign direct investment company for Ponce, can help you tap into this huge commercial opportunity.